For the Anger, Rage and Emotional Volatility of Bipolar Disorder, Type II Patients & Their Families

Bipolar II Introduction

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In the winter of 2004, an article from a medical journal on bipolar depression or Bipolar Disorder, Type II came across my desk. Like most other clinicians, I was trained to identify Bipolar Disorder, Type I or manic-depression. However, the Type II classification was basically omitted from my training. I had never encountered such a clear and concise description of this common mood disorder, which has escaped awareness by most medical and psychological practitioners.I had over 24 years of experience at that time treating mood disorders and anxiety, but never understood that bipolar depression was an actual clinical entity. As I read this journal article, it became clear I was in the dark when it came to diagnosing and treating this condition. I obtained only brief and superficial exposure to Bipolar Disorder, Type II, while studying the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and never really associated it with the depression I was seeing in the office. However, I was very aware of the fact that many depressed patients did not seem to get well, despite receiving good psychotherapy and the best medications available for depression and anxiety.

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