For the Anger, Rage and Emotional Volatility of Bipolar Disorder, Type II Patients & Their Families

The Ticking Time Bomb (Book)

Anger, Rage and Emotional Volatility of Bipolar Disorder, Type II

Dr. Woulas has been specializing in the treatment of patients with Bipolar Disorder, Type II and their families. He has created this website to assist those individuals experiencing Type II Bipolar Disorder and he has recently published a family guide titled “The Ticking Time Bomb”. This book is a practical guide to raise public awareness of the causes for today’s violence in families and society.

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“Finally a book about Bipolar Disorder, Type II which is clear, concise and understandable. This book offers something very special to the reader, hope! The Ticking Time Bomb is for anyone struggling with bipolar depression, or has a family member or friend with this very common condition. The book is a must read!”
– Javier E. Sosa, M.D., Family Practice, Ft. Myers, FL.

“A new look at a serious problem, Dr. Woulas’ book is a must read if we are to pull the family out of crisis.”
– J. F. Smith, University Vice President, Retired, Katy, TX.

“After reading “The Ticking Time Bomb” I realized the need and importance of this book for families and patients going through anger and depression, who are not properly diagnosed or managed. I deal with these children and families on a daily basis. This book will help improve their understanding of rage and violence, since it is written for the general public. I would highly recommend the book to all medical professionals and the families in my practice.”
– Emilio Del Valle, M.D., Pediatrician, Ft. Myers, FL.

The Author

The author provides insightful information based on years of clinical experience to bring the causes of today’s rage and violence into public awareness. This straight forward presentation will clarify the reasons for much of the domestic violence, abuse, mass murders and suicides plaguing our world. In addition to revealing the true causes of uncontrolled anger and rage, The Ticking Time Bomb directs the reader towards appropriate treatment and reduces the risk of catastrophic and life threatening behavior associated with Type II, Bipolar Disorder.